HP3 Global Mining Solutions

Mining and minerals sector services from HP3 Global: Delivering competitive advantage for you.

In a world of globalization, technology advancement, increasing regulation and fluctuating markets, exploration and mining face more complex challenges than ever before.

Gold Assaying
Refinery Services

As the leading gold and silver refinery in Uganda and a major gold exporter to UAE, HP3 Global Refinery specializes in refining and evaluating large volumes of precious metals, using the most technologically advanced chemical processes. We currently offer the highest quality and the highest capacity of chemical refining in the region.

Logistics Services

From raw materials to minted bars, HP3 Global Limited can ensure a reliable transportation by air, across land and over seas to bridge the gaps for our customers across the globe.

HP3 Global Mining Services
Oil & Gas

Whether you are involved in exploring, extracting, refining, transporting or marketing oil, gas, oil sands or other hydrocarbons, HP3 Global offers a comprehensive range of services to support and optimize your business. With the recent volatility and record-breaking prices for these resources, it is vital that you get the most from every part of the production and value adding chain – and optimize the efficiency of your own processes.

Gold Exportation Services

We offer consultancy Serivices about gold exportation, safe procedures and required documentation for local gold buying and customs clearance. Having been in the industry for several years we easily advise about procedure and documentation required by the Refinery, the Banks, Customs and other Governmental Authorities so in order to avoid any delays and fraud.

East Africa's Logistics

Our network of experts look at all aspects of trade activity to assess the associated risks, offering impartial, objective advice and assistance. HP3 Global has historically served traders since its inception. For both trading parties to feel fulfilled in their side of the deal, the key component is trust.

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